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Mazda Capella Wagon History
Capella Wagon HistoryCapella is the Japanese domestic market name for Mazda's midsize family car; larger than the Familia/323 but smaller than the Luce/929. The vehicle has also been sold as the Mazda 616, 626, Montrose, and Ford Telstar, and is closely related to the short-lived Mazda Lantis, Cronos, Persona, Autozam Clef, Eunos 500/Xedos 6 and Mazda MX-6/Ford Probe. Production of the Capella lasted from 1970 until it was replaced by the Mazda Atenza in 2002.

Plain 4 cylinder engines ranged from 1490cc to 1586cc and 1769cc.

The first Capella was introduced in 1970 and lasted until 1974. It was powered by a 4 cylinder SOHC 8-valve engine displacing 1.6 L (1586cc). Bore was 78 mm and stroke was 83 mm. Output was 104 hp (77 kW) and 106 ft.lbf (144 Nm).

This generation was sold in export markets as the Mazda 616 in coupe and sedan configurations.

An optional Mazda Wankel engine and other tweaks transformed it into the Mazda RX-2.

Since the beginning of production this model had body type Wagon.

GW8W, GWEW, GWER, GW5RDec 2001
GW8W, GWEW, GWER, GW5RFeb 2001
GW8W, GWEW, GWER, GW5RNov 1999
GWFWJul 1998
GW8W, GWEW, GWER, GW5RNov 1997
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